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Unarmed Security Guard California

At Select Security Service, our unarmed security service across California stands out for its commitment to providing expertly trained unarmed security guards. By being conspicuous, patrolling, and projecting a confident, comforting aura, we prevent criminal activity and provide you with a safe, secure, and peaceful environment.



Our unarmed security services in California are available around the clock, with quick reaction times and skilled assistance in the event of any security concerns. Select Security Services is a renowned name in the field of unarmed security services in California. Our highly skilled unarmed security guards excel in their profession, carrying out their security duties diligently and vigilantly. Select Security Service takes pride in offering a comprehensive suite of security services, integrating cutting-edge technology to enhance our unarmed security services California. This enhances their ability to respond swiftly to incidents. Additionally, we use surveillance cameras, access control systems, and alarm monitoring to safeguard our clients’ premises.

Moreover, Select Security Service leads the service providers with prompt client response empowered by avant-garde technology. Whether it’s about monitoring your residential area or your business premises, we have you covered with services tailored to fit every individual’s security needs. Therefore, our proactive unarmed security guards contribute to establishing a safe environment that encourages our clients to carry out their routine activities without any worry. We extensively educate our security guards in conflict resolution and emergency response procedures. By selecting only, the most qualified candidates, we maintain a standard of excellence in unarmed security guard service.


At Select Security Service, our top priority is ensuring unparalleled customer satisfaction through our unarmed security services in California. Our security team, trained in de-escalation techniques, conflict resolution, and risk management, handles any situation smoothly and efficiently. This team consists of individuals who undergo rigorous training and background checks to ensure they are competent enough to deliver our promise of safety. Superior communication skills equip them to effectively liaise with law enforcement, emergency medical services, and fire departments among others, thus ensuring comprehensive protection for our clients.

In conclusion, Select Security Service distinguishes itself by offering expertly trained unarmed security guards, incorporating cutting-edge security technology, and prioritizing unparalleled customer satisfaction. These key elements combine to deliver a superior unarmed security service that truly meets the needs of our clients. At Select Security Service, our team carefully select and train outstanding security guards as our unarmed security guards towards the focus of our dedication. 

Our unarmed security guards embody earnest commitment towards their responsibilities, responding swiftly and accurately to every security situation that arises. For proactive security, our unarmed security service is the best. Our guards prioritize your safety when they are on duty. Therefore, just having them there adds a comforting sense of security, ensuring guests feel safe. Deftly manage the entry to your building or organization, ensuring that only authorizes that individuals can get in. In the end, this improves your property’s overall safety. Choose Select Security Services throughout California for security that is constantly on the cutting edge.

  • What distinguishes Select Security's Armed Security Guard Services California from others?
    Select Security's Armed Security Guarda California stand out due to our dedicated approach to professionalism and trust. We take pride in building mutual trust with our clients, ensuring confidence in the protection our guards provide.
  • What kind of training do your armed security guard services California needs, and how does it benefit clients?
    Our armed security guards California undergo comprehensive training, including education in firearm safety and risk assessment. This training equips them to make sound judgments in high-pressure situations where time is critical.
  • How does Select Security build trust with its clients beyond providing security services?
    Select Security goes beyond offering security services; we build trust through expertise and commitment. Our personnel are trained to always deal with our clients in a positive and understanding professional manner.


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